Small steps

I think with most endeavours in my life, it all begins with this. A nudge to go forward albeit being tentative with my footing. This isn’t an attempt to hit mega stardom status in the blogosphere. Therefore do not expect any focus in my writings, determined by some literary boundary in an attempt to keep you interested. I am here to express my thoughts and my life on a blank canvas. I do keep a journal to keep my fingers working. It’s rather nice to feel the tip of one’s pen making contact with acid-free paper once in a while. I like to think of this as another avenue to present the very things that matter to me most. To you.



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9 responses to “Small steps

  1. jon

    Nice blog. Considering you left our blog, you %^*$#%($)*#%*)$#%*)$#*%)$#*%)$#*%)#$*%)$#*%)$#@#(!@(!$)*(&&^%$^!!!!

    No really, nice blog.

    j & y

  2. maybe u should change all the blue to orange. follow that little boy shirt. your name is too darn big up there. if u want, choose a nicer font.

    from, the designer

  3. yuchun

    You muther @#$@#$@#$@#@#%#$^%)#()@!#($!_#$@_#$@_#(%@_$%_@#)$_!@#)$_@#$@#_$(@#)$@($)(@#(#$)%

    maybe now you can teach me how to improve our blog layout..

    vacancy: Blog partner. Requirement: Blog as much as Greg.

  4. gregorychang

    Yes, me muther @#@@^$^&@#$*&#*^*$*%@&^$*^!*&#^!^$*!

    I haven’t done much with the layout. Just chose the theme and load the header image. Let me read up on the html tutorial first before actually PAYING wordpress for the customization options.

    Careful, jon is very tempted as well.

    hey, who says i’m not blogging at JYG anymore?

  5. val

    Lone Ranger….travelling on a road less travelled. its a matter of perspective 🙂

    Btw, you starting your own blog has stirred and inspired y to write a whole blog entry!! How’s that for inspiration?!!

    Y has uttered more words here and back at jyg that he has in a whole year (I meant blogging/comment wise!)

    The wonders of going solo…makes your brothers wake up! 🙂

  6. da

    don’t pay first. trust me, until u REALLYREALLY get sick of it.

    im slightly disappointed you didnt go for HAHAHAHA!

    are you back at work today?

  7. dawningthoughts

    Oops the comment i left got deleted.

    Anyways, what happened to bugleboy? Hurhur!!

  8. RSS enabled blog, at last..
    = P

  9. BecSS

    Nice Blog…. Nice layout, Nice fonts, Nice pic… Looks very “U”. Btw, wordpress is kool to use, even a techno dummy like me can use it. *grin* Then again, after u read up (like in a few days time, rite), can u pleeze teach me? Haha…

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