I don’t exactly have a good command of the English language but there are a couple of things that were taught to you from young to ensure you don’t embarrass yourself in public. One of it is concerning this controversial word – Irregardless. So much has been said about this word. The very fact that it’s an obvious double negative – twin devils of ir- and -less threatening to squash our good ol friend “regard” to smithereens. I have to say it’s one of the few words, when uttered, that actually causes me to cringe.

So when I heard my pastor, Sivinkit display his ignorant belief that this word actually exists, by using it during his sermons, which is NOT JUST ONCE I might add, I knew I had to do something. I have to save this preacher from the error of his ways. To point out his glaring mistake and bring salvation to his vocabulary.

So I sent him a text that goes like this:

This is random. I don’t claim to be an expert. But I have to correct u cos I heard u said it a few times. It’s REGARDLESS and not irregardless. No double -ve.

At first, he thanked me for the correction highlighting that fact that “he was blur”. But the reverend actually HAD THE NERVE to google it and retort by saying, “But that’s not what wikipedia says.” Pfffftt.

So wise guy, you think I haven’t done my homework eh? The word has been stated as a “non-standard” or “informal” in most dictionaries. With the exception of the Merriam-Webster. And they say it exists but don’t use it. WTF.

The funny thing is that as I was researching on this, I realised that it can be quite cool to be so wrong. It is as if I’m going through my own spiritual conversion in response to Mr. Irregardless. (oh, it’s a he now) The fact that people just ditched the usual rules to actually preserve the existence of this word and the fact that it has caused so much controversy kinda made me go, “Oh fuck it, let’s just use it.” Cos people who know that it’s wrong will self-correct it in their minds and know what you actually mean and it will be blissful ignorance for people who don’t have a clue that it’s erroneous to begin with. The world is still turning and we have other things to worry about.

So here is IN DEFENCE OF IRREGARDLESS. (must-read, too funny). Hell, there is even a cafe named Irregardless.

Perhaps, urban dictionary puts it best:

Used by people who ignorantly mean to say regardless. According to webster, it is a word, but since the prefix “ir” and the suffx “less” both mean “not or with” they cancel each other out, so what you end up with is regard. When you use this to try to say you don’t care about something, you end up saying that you do. Of course everyone knows what you mean to say and only a pompous,rude asshole will correct you.

Wife: “Irregardless is not a word, dummy”
Husband: “Kiss my ass bitch! I’m still going to the strip club tonight!”

Okay, I’ll stop being a pompous, rude asshole. By the way, Sivin and I are still friends irregardless.



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2 responses to “Irregardless

  1. indeed irregardless of our positions, we are friends no matter what … 😛 I confess, I’m a sinner when it comes to vocab!

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