Poetry In Motion

Each step leads to bigger strides.

I had completed two marathons in my life. And I have to say it’s not something where one can valiantly say “I have mastered doing this.” Endurance events often result in pretty humbling experiences especially when at some points during the race, you’re reminded of your own humanity. That your body have limits, your mind can play tricks on you and that our source of strength is often found not within ourselves but from the causes we live for, friends and family that support us or a Higher Authority who listens to our cries when we simply could not imagine taking another step forward.

I’m not quite sure why I run. Perhaps it’s the cleansing feeling that accompanies the rhythmic movement of each stride. Or maybe at least for a couple of hours, I’m allowed to immerse myself in a space of wonder and reflection. There are good and bad days. There were times when i asked myself “Why am I doing this?” and there were also times when I felt I could go on forever. And there were those rare moments when I learnt something about myself and the journey of life. Runners like Kristin and Dean depicts those moments very well.

This year I’m so glad to get my mates involved in getting a taste of that during the first week of December. I’ve always felt that anyone who hasn’t participated in a footrace should at least try it once at some point of their lives. There is something about the collective anticipation found in being with thousands of runners waiting at the startline. Not to mention the carnival-like atmosphere permeating in the wee hours of the morning.

So here is what’s in store leading up to the Big Race.

This is always a nice one organized every year by the reputable Pacesetters. We are looking forward to the great selections of breakfast provided at the end! Target time – 45 minutes.

Anna posted this on her facebook, requesting for a partner. I went, “Me! Me!” and amazingly she agreed. (we haven’t raced or have done anything together before) Imagine Amazing Race in the rainforest, braving mud and slippery trails. 14km in total. I hope we don’t end up killing each other. Target time – 1.5 hours

The big one. We have already booked our hotels and now it’s time to put in the mileage. The hat has been thrown over the wall. One of our contingent even bought her gear already. It will be quite interesting doing it with the boys and girl this year, although I’m running alone again for the full. Would love to see their exuberant faces at the end. Target time – sub 4 hours.

Okay, I’ll stop talking. Time to put on the sneakers.



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3 responses to “Poetry In Motion

  1. jon

    Your blog is coming along very nicely.


  2. gregorychang

    Cmon. you know you want to.

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