It’s not about me

To the idiotic middle-aged tai tai who was talking on your bloody cellphone this morning and thinks it’s okay to signal right while swerving LEFT across three lanes hence cutting into my path, forcing me to brake violently while i was doing a 90kph – I wished I had a shotgun ready to shoot you into ten thousand pieces, hang the remains of your vagina on my wall and use your silicone fats to make soap.

Okay, breathe Greg. Life is not about you.

You are who you worship. And it’s not money, fame or your convenience on the road. You have a choice. It’s not about you.

Alright I forgive you, bitch.

Note: That thought process was inspired by this ridiculously awesome speech written by the late David Foster Wallace. Go read it before you shoot someone in the head. Or even yourself. [via]


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