The “Sloppiest” Burger?

I’m not sure how the craving started but I’m now in seventh heaven after partaking of my double patty egg benjo ramly burger. Perhaps it’s the thought of being away for 15 days without access to Malaysian food. Whatever it is, with the aftertaste of grease and mayo still lingering on my tongue, I can rest ever so soundly right now. All is well in Greg’s world.

Amazingly our best-kept secret has found its way to a Ramadhan Bazaar in New York City! The world does not know what they’re missing. Until now.



Filed under Gastronomic Delight

2 responses to “The “Sloppiest” Burger?

  1. It’s a work of art …

  2. gregorychang

    Definitely is. Check out the burger ramly challenge happening in my hometown johor bahru.

    10 burgers for 50 bucks. I can do it without breaking a sweat. Any takers?

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