Les Mills Favourite Class

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Lesmills decided to offer some nice widgets for its followers so I thought I’ll join in the fun.

In this quarterly workshop, there is an emphasis on building connections between us (instructors) and our class members. And more importantly within themselves. So much of today’s urbanized society requires us to pack in short 1 hour intense workout sessions indoors without losing the team spirit and the essence of community that is present in normal sports activities. Meaning it’s time to put the “group” back into group fitness. Make our participants feel like they are part of something.

Yesterday I’ve decided to just ask a member from my class to do simple intro and also to say something about him/herself that the rest might not know. And then I will in turn announce something that the members might not know about me. Simple but effective. I believe it will go a long way towards building a more knitted bunch of riders, pumpers, balancers, combatants, etc…

What are you doing today to build connections?


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