Happy Days in London

I decided to catch up with an ol pal in the fine city of London just before I head back to the routines of life back home. Mate, I must say that night was one of the best dinners I had in a long while. Possible the best steak I have ever tasted (while my standards are quite high, I gave it a 9.6) accompanied by this thick slab of cheese and a couple of succulent sausages. And of course, an impeccable choice of cabernet sauvignon. (I can take credit for that, you can always trust me to pick a good one)

We had great laughs and deep recollections of our lives as we ate and drank ourselves silly. And always debating about which one of us has the better end of the deal as far as how good life has been. I guess with all things considered, the more important question is “What kind of person have we become?” From what I gathered from that night, you ain’t doing too bad.

I look forward to watching live jazz music with you again. I look forward to seeing you in two months. Don’t count on me to bring you to the best steak joint in town though. Bakuteh would suffice.

By the way, don’t worry. As unpredictable as our future may be, I have a deep sense of faith that it will be all good.



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2 responses to “Happy Days in London

  1. alex

    John Faddis, John Faddis, John Faddis. You missed out bro…

    And…Gugenheim…remember the name…

    Also, it might be worth pointing out that I was debating that YOUR life was nowhere near as mundane as you made it out to be…and the truth is, I AM RIGHT and YOU KNOW IT!

    See you in December, ol pal…

  2. hi Alex! are you coming to KL in December?

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