Beyond Pins and Needles

A once overweight university student emerged victorious today in the mother of all long-distance triathlons – Ironman Kona. Craig Alexander, who finished second last year and only started competing in the full-distance comprising a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run about 2 years ago. He is now the only athlete to hold world titles for both 140.6-mile Ironman and 70.3 distance. Looks like the Aussies are making their mark in this event.

His marathon time was 2:45:01 which is crazy considering all the cycling he had to do before that. I think these people epitomize a life yearning for pain. I don’t think I have experienced even half as close to the kind of suffering they put themselves through. But it’s never just about them alone. It’s the hug you will receive from your three-year old girl. The unrelenting support given by your spouse. The amazing feeling of having your friends, family and your country behind you, cheering you on. That’s what makes the pain worth it. That’s what makes the pin and needles more bearable. Because at the end of the tunnel, the light is very bright indeed.

Well done, Craig. You have spurred me on to complete one of my 100. Complete an Ironman, hopefully by age 30.

Now if I could just achieve a sub-4 marathon time this year. Sometimes a bet is all that you need to give that extra bit of motivation.


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