The Phelps Diet

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A lot has been said about the Michael Phelps diet during the olympics. And how he can still maintain such a lean physique despite of the 12 000 calories. I don’t even think a normal Asian person could physically consume so much in a day. Unless you’re Takeru Kobayashi or something.

There are three reasons why Phelps could eat such massive amounts and still have superior physique.

1. He trains 5 hours a day. Even a fitness instructor like me only trains about 5 hours a week.

2. He took years to establish the incredible metabolic ability that he has which is like a freight engine, consuming calories at will.

3. He is young. Ten years later, I can guarantee you he won’t be eating like that.

So stop marveling at how a human being could eat so much and still maintain his well defined six pack. He is a freak of nature. Stick to your 2000 calories a day and like what I always tell all my clients, try to get some breakfast before you start your day.

When the Superior Man eats he does not try to stuff himself    – Confucious


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  1. ouch i just missed breakfast!

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