I don’t know when it started. Two years ago when I joined the corporate jungle, I knew nothing about the lingo. The learning curve started by observing the communications through emails and my word, the practice of replying and CC-ing mindlessly has often left me confused by the threads that will go on and on, to the point you’re not sure whether they know what they’re talking about.

I noticed one of the words that they liked to use is the word – revert. To demonstrate its use in an example, I’ll give you a very classic one. Say, some big boss has raised the fact that some customer’s complaint has entered into his knowledge because that customer was charged unknowingly on his credit card for a purchase he didn’t make, let’s say, porn magazines online. And now, that customer is furious that not only he has to pay for something he didn’t purchase, the whole world knows now that he’s a sick pervert. The boss asked his subordinates in an emotionally-charged email, “How in the world does this customer make his purchase without knowing that he did?” Of which, one of his lackeys replied, “I have contacted the porn company to verify this and they have not reverted to me yet.”

Reverted. First time I heard that word. And in a business context. I would assume it is another one of those corporate lingo things that I never knew existed because we didn’t really need to use it until some really smartass up there decided to make up some fancy word to mean “they have not gotten back to me on this yet”. Curiously, I looked up in the meriam-webster and even consult a friend who is an expert in the English voacbulary on this and voila, I knew it. People just don’t know what the shit they are saying sometimes and just because some smartass used it to mean something, the rest thought it must be correct and they followed suit.

According to the meriam-webster, revert means

1 : to come or go back (as to a former condition, period, or subject)

2 : to return to the proprietor or his or her heirs at the end of a reversion

3 : to return to an ancestral type

To put it plainly, I’ll give another example. So unless you’re meaning to say, “I’m a bloody alcoholic and a sex addict before and have been reformed for three years. But just one week ago, I have reverted to my former condition”, it just baffles me why these people would use to mean “Oh they have not come back to me yet”. I’m telling this now to everyone of you who are guilty of this, “Stop using revert to mean that and just type the whole damn thing, you lazy shithead.” I’m not sure whether it’s a malaysian thing, or a corporate thing or just a dumbass thing to do. Just stop. Cos it’s so obviously wrong and not as controversial as the other word I’ve discussed.



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7 responses to “Revert

  1. alex

    sorry, but that’s wrong usage of the word…

  2. gregorychang

    I thought it would be funny if I did it on purpose. Never mind.

  3. winnie

    You’d think I’m one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass pedants around but even I’m guilty of misusing ‘revert’ !!! But hey, there are worse crimes out there. It drives me up the wall when people say things like ‘double confirm’ (what the heck is that??) and begin and end every sentence with ‘actually’ … argh!!!

  4. gregorychang

    Actually (grin) how about the word “Basically”?

    You can say to them, “What is so basic about that??”

  5. what have the company done to you???? sighhh…

  6. alex

    haha i know you did…i was referring to the first bit you quoted…

  7. winnie

    Basically, I went to the market to actually buy pork … aarrrggghhh!!!!

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