What The Whole World Is (Really) Waiting For

“I am, neither an optimist nor a pessimist. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!”

-Bishop Lesslie Newbigin, when asked on what he thinks as he looks to the future.

I find it nonsense when people casually informs me that their intentions in life is not to concentrate too much on the future but to make the most of every moment we have now, since the future is so unpredictable and bleak at times. Or maybe their idea of what is to come isn’t exactly very grand or inspiring enough to make them think otherwise.

I’m telling you right now. Everything you believe about the future determines how you live your life today. So don’t say you’re not thinking about it. If you’re not taking intentional steps to find out “what is it you’re really waiting for”, whether it’s a harp-playing, cloud-resting life after death or an external damnation to the flames of hell, then I suggest you do today. Unless you don’t consider that your life on this earth holds any value or meaning. By the way, I really hope you are really not waiting for those two kinds of life I’ve mentioned.

Please don’t jump the gun and accuse me of attempting to preach or evangelize to you based on a certain self-driven agenda. It’s not really my style. My concern is always to persuade the people I care about to consider consciously the manner at which they act their lives out as much as possible.

Because surely we are waiting for Something. Otherwise what you do right now won’t really matter at all.


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