We blazed the trail!

“Can you imagine we paid money to do this?”

-Anna-Rina, my partner-in-mud-crime

Facebook is great for a number of reasons. And one of those reasons had led me to participate in this grueling Genting Trailblazer event. My peng yu, Anna-Rina (refer to blogroll on the right) posted a shoutout in her status update, requesting for a partner. Without even hesitating for a second (not sure whether the screws in my brains were working correctly) I immediately volunteered my services. After all, Anna has the biceps (literally) and brawn for these type of events.

The Bandana Team. (I think it stretched open my eyes a lil bit, I looked spastic)

The Trailblazing “Still Clean” Gang

For some of us, there can never be too much PAIN. Respek!

Spartans, are you ready?!

It was my first time doing off-road running, and the experience was daunting to say the least. Especially when I saw some of the slopes we have the negotiated through. Just attempting to balance my 80kg worth of bulk alone on the uneven ground and slippery slopes (overnight rain didn’t help) took so much out of me. My heart-rate was practically shooting through the roof as I hang on for dear life, despite literally going at snail’s pace most of the way. And I never felt so hungry after a race before.

It started nicely enough as we did an easy leisurely run for the first 3km. I was rather confident and all, smiling through this section because I’m very comfortable running on the tar road. After that, it was into the jungle we go and I was smiling no more. There were slopes so steep you literally have to slide on your bum to reach the bottom. At the final section of the woods, we were faced with a mammoth uphill climb for 30 minutes! I unofficially named this route “The Stairway to Heaven.” Because at the end of the climb, a water station awaited us like it was the perfect answer to a desperately thirsty prayer.

One thing we were always ready to do – Pose! (we’re both avid photographers)

Anna-san, you learn the secret of flamingo kick, did you not?

No adventure race will be complete without an obstacle course!

Seriously, I was nearly dying going through this part. I felt like every ounce of my body was about to dissolve into the mud. My legs just got stuck with every step.

Wait for me biaatch!

We slip, we slide, we conquered.

The milo never tasted so good. I downed a cup of cereals and devoured three full plates of mee hoon. And washed it down with more milo. The post-race feeling was the reward for me. I haven’t felt so satisfied in a long time despite being in several races before. This one really pushed me to the brink but it was a good test to see how much I can endure. All the mud, cuts and bruises, not to mention trying to fight through those thorny trees and branches.

If you’re dating someone now or you need some jolt in your marriage relationship, go do this. Trust me, the experience of doing this with another person you care about is worth the price of admission. She’ll probably kill you for signing up but in the end, you two will be stronger for it.

“Trailrunning is fun… trailrunning is fun…. trailrunning is fun…..”

– Greg & Anna chanting during the race, in attempt to irritate the hell out of the other participants


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