Something goes wrong and the prayer life goes through the roof. No one talks about God until there is a tsunami. I mean, you wouldn’t treat your best friend like this, you wouldn’t treat your worst friend like this, I hope. Kind of appalling isn’t? And then we go back to Him, “Oh we are so sorry about this… blah blah blah.” You know what’s the most amazing thing about this? God actually say, “Ok, I’ll help you.” Doesn’t he have a clue? Doesn’t he knows what these people are going to do? The moment good things start to happen again, they are gonna walk away from him again. And this doesn’t just happen once. Not twice. Not even four times. It happens over and over and over again.

That’s why Samson is the great hero of the Book of Judges. You think Samson is the bad guy, no no no. You’re asking how come he keeps hanging with Delilah when she keeps betraying him. My answer is “You haven’t read the Book of Judges! What do you think God does when Israel keeps on betraying him? And you look at Samson and you think,”Cmon mate, wake up! Let the penny drop! Can’t you see that she’s just using you?”

And that’s exactly the same thing you can say about GOD. Can’t you see Israel is just using you? And He still turns up. And He’s still faithful.

Stunning picture.

And what is intriguing is this: How does Samson die, with his hands out-stretched? And he had a greater victory in his death, than he ever had in his life.

Who does that sound like?

– Rikk Watts on the Book of Judges

Following Friday’s scripture reading of The Prodigal Son (Luke 15), I can see the scenario playing out in my life over and over again. Things start to look good. From there, I decide to be independent of Him. Cos I feel I don’t need Him. Then things start to go bad. I realise I don’t deserve to go through this. I crawl back to His throne. He runs to me and throws a party.

I’m not sure why You are still sticking by me. But I’m really glad You did.


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