I’m on a rampage this second half of the year – doing races I’ve never attempted before.

Powerman is a run-bike run event (11km-64km-10km) held in a small town of Lumut, in close proximity to Pulau Pangkor. The “uluness” factor is probably comparable to Kuala Terengganu, measured by the fact that it doesn’t have a movie theatre around. Then again, I have to remind myself that we were not there to catch “The Quantum of Solace” or enjoy our ice grande latte alfresco. We were there to join several hundred other insane people who would lugged themselves and their bikes for four hours into this town (for some, it was eight hours) and torture themselves in the sweltering heat. Fortunately, I joined the team relay event with a friend, hence it wasn’t so daunting.


An awesomely satisfying pre-race meal the night before.

The fish was so good…

We ordered another one.

Race day.

Cervelos. Simply one of the best tri-bikes in the world. This piece of metal alone is probably worth more than J’s proton saga. Then again, his car is running on its last days now.

I was literally convulsing with bike envy.

Da main sponsor.

My dream bike. The Felt B2 Pro, complete with carbon Zipp wheels. Absolutely love the red colorway.

A fellow Malaysian among the elite category. Damn cool shades!

It is very critical to keep the time interval in the transition area to the minimum. For an elite racer, this dude certainly took his time till kingdom come. And what’s with the socks man?

I figured that either his top was undersized or it’s a sports bra. He looks damn fit though.

Ever wondered why the helmets are shaped like that? Three words: Minimal Wind Resistance.

Off he goes! (This guy is doing it the way it should be done, pre-clip the shoes on the pedals and put them on WHILE riding on the bike)

You know it’s a premium-level race when Powerbar drinks are served.

I always love to see people who are having fun and smiling during a race.

I took the bike and 10k run section and have to be really thankful that we didn’t get last place. Why? Just look at the picture.

I was riding a frickin’ mountain bike. The rest of the bunch were either on their expensive wind-slicing tri-bikes or superlight roadbikes. (I’ll explain the difference in another post) And my machine was not even top-grade level. The suspension fork was heavy and my wheels were knobby. Oh, you do remember I bought a roadbike few months ago yeah? Guess what?

I left it at my parent’s house.

Yes, I know. I should be crucified for that. I only have myself to blame that when it counted most, my most prized possession was not available to me.

I will never allow that to happen again. I had 64km of pain to remind me of that.

Overall, it was a great fun. My friend and I finished the race together, on her insistence. She was skipping happily to the finish line while I was crawling painfully, yearning for some ice cold milo. As it turns out, the results didn’t matter as days later, we found out that our timing chip wasn’t activated during the race. Pffft.

There you go, my first dualthalon.

“Remember brother. It’s not about the bike. It’s about the rider.”

– Yong Howe, fellow triathlete


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    You and what friend??????

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