from L. expectare “await, hope,” from ex- “thoroughly” + spectare “to look,” freq. of specere “to look at”. Fig. sense of “anticipate, look forward to” developed in Latin

from etymonline.com

The following conversation took place over lunch at Jaya33’s Vietnamese Kitchen:

Y: What you do mean by not having any expectations? ALL girls have expectations. Cmon, even Sophia has expectations.

G: Really? What is it then?

Y: Erm.

G: Yeah….

Y: Ermmm.

G: ………

Y: Errrr…

G: Uh-huh.

Y: She….

G: She places extreme importance on anything to do with her family. Almost non-negotiable.

Y: Yeah! Yeah!

G: She also hates guys who cheats. (hmmm…by right, all girls SHOULD hate guys who cheats)

Y: Yeah! That’s why she really hate people like ………………

Note: J & G had always told Y that he’s fortunate to have Madame Sophia because among womenfolk, there are few that are as tolerant as her.

If only I understand my relationships as well as I do for other people’s. That’s always the case isn’t it? We could always see how things work in the other camp and could easily propose solutions to solve THEIR problems. Just not ours. Paradoxes that we are.

I’m not looking for someone without expectations. In fact, finding a partner who holds none at all would be terribly unhealthy. It is because by having a certain level of expectations on someone shows that you actually value that person in a certain way.

Of course, the expectation shouldn’t stem from an imagination of someone which the person is not. The word actually means a “thorough inspection” of you. Something of a hope or an awaiting of person that she can look forward to seeing. It means she has actually thoroughly “seen” you enough to catch a glimpse of a person you can be. What she expects from me today, she is actually holding hope that one day I’ll fully become. And that can only be a good thing.


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  1. Emelda’s expectation to Greg – He will answer my calls or maybe even send me sms saying “ok, we will meet at this date,venue and time”

    I called him and sent him sms last week…till now i still haven’t got any reply from him. Sigh.

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