“What? Your gym member made a cake with a bicycle design for you?? I want to be a fitness instructor too.”

– Yuchun

We had a lil potluck gathering organized by my members in conjunction with yours truly’s birthday. I couldn’t stop eating that night.

The masterpiece.

Not one but TWO! It’s seventh heaven for me cos this tiramisu (my favourite cake) comes with a touch of Bailey’s. Yummy….

I have a thing for breads that are not labelled gardenia.

Ramesh’s best salad. Gotta love the sun-dried tomatoes.

After working their butts off this year, it’s time to pig out.

Once again, I’ll say it: I can’t get enough of all things Italian.

A salmon dish I made which didn’t turn out right the first time. (oven is not as hot I thought it was)

From here, it looked like I was doing a pushup while attempting to draw out the candles.

My wish? Wait, I have already told you, haven’t I?

Happy days with the people I torture every week!

My second round with ma mates! Venue: Ozeki Restaurant at Jalan P.Ramlee.

This combines the best of both worlds. Sashimi ala Italiano. Told you I should have been born a Mafia.

Something stuffed with eel and foie gras.

Cod fish with soft-shelled crab.

The Italian-Jap connection again. Oh yeah… the pasta was meant to be cold.

The Sukiyaki hotpot prepares itself.

Self-cooked meat. It looks better than it tastes.

Happy days with people who have stucked with me all these years. (Which can be quite tough)

This time, ma mates didn’t know what to get for me, save for a book from J. But it is the gift of a meal shared among friends which gives me great joy every year. It’s getting clearer as each year passes, it does not really matter to me how much we have to show in the end in terms of our achievements but really it is down to how we respond to one another relationally. And I truly believe we are accountable for our lives in those terms.

It is only because we live in a fallen world that we think we have to DO something or BE somebody in order to have some form of significance or at least feel better about ourselves. But that’s not life. I truly believe it is because we tend to over-hype or celebrate the world-changing endeavors of people and their achievements that we miss out on the little things that normal folks do everyday. There is something sacred about washing the dishes, watering your plants, mowing the lawn, listening to your mum’s old stories, celebrating birthdays (yes) and doing all the so-called boring stuff.

It’s one thing to study how humans behave or interact by deconstruction in order to prove a theory. It’s quite another to spend time connecting with your partner over a cup of brazillan roast coffee. We shouldn’t need psychology to find out how to relate to people. We shouldn’t need stuff like theology to find out about who God is. We know them by spending time and being present with them. In the world to come, we should be so busy enjoying Life rather than studying about it. Because Life is simply… Life. The moments in those pictures above gives me a glimpse of it.

I must say, I’m glad to be 28. Here’s to more food, wine and conversations flowing in the years to come.

Real life’s about one’s friends. One’s books! One’s pipe! And one’s dog. To be enjoyed in the pub, in a chair by the fire in one’s old slippers. And one’s long walks. That’s life!

-C.S. Lewis



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3 responses to “28

  1. they gave you “presence” more than “presents” (which would be a nice bonus!)

    you are moving quickly to the big 30!

    Happy birthday!

  2. Jon

    hello, happy belated birthday πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ many many many happy returns!

  3. i like that last picture of us. happy birthday again.

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