The Future of Music

This is way too cool!

Youtube has decided to gather people all around the world to participate in its first collaborative online orchestra. Just download the music sheet, hear the music composed by the revered maestro Tan Dun, practise in front of your computer while he conducts (yes! they even have a video of that, he looks kinda cute doing it), record your playing and just submit.

The best and bravest players will be chosen to play at the renowned Carnegie Hall on April 15th 2009.

Honestly I don’t think I’ll be chosen but I might just go ahead just for the sheer fun of it.

“That’s why this internet symphony provide a platform to enter anything you want to say through the sound, through your voice, any instrument you could do, or without any instrument.. even the cooking tools, even the big drums, street noise, stone, water, paper, ANYTHING! But all the sound is the language of your heart. Nothing to do with the technique. That’s the future expression of music.”

– Tan Dun, Grammy Award winning composer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.

Thanks to J for the link.


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One response to “The Future of Music

  1. Jon

    youtube brought together unknowns and made them internet celebrities. Have a lil faith. 🙂 Good luck. It all starts from the submission. Go and click that button

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