When John becomes Jamie

John Mayer, one of my fav artistes has done the unexpected. He has starting baking.

That’s really cool cos I consider baking or cooking in general, one of the most meditative crafts you can invest your time into. I wonder if a song from his next album would be born out of the kitchen?

I’m not really into baking. Maybe because I’m not that into cakes, save for the irresistable tiramisu. (infused with bailey’s, of course) But I should try it one day, as it does seem to improve your eye for details and at the same time, brings out your inner artist.

A short walk on memory lane during a time when I can indulge in my craft.

I shall attempt a roast for this Christmas Eve. Hope it turns out well.

Now if you would excuse me, I need to be horizontal. Da flu bug has hit.

We take the meal with as much gospel seriousness as we take our Scriptures; we take the kitchen to be as essential in the work of salvation as is the sanctuary. Meals are front-line strategies countering the inexorable deconstruction of hospitality that is running amuck in the western world today….. The preparation, serving and eating of meals is perhaps the most complex cultural process that we human beings find ourselves in. It is a microcosm of the intricate realities that are combined to form culture that gives meaning to the daily lives of us all: men, women , children – and Jesus.

But it is not culture in a museum sense; it is totally immediate, personal, and relational- relational with the materials of creation and the persons we live with. because it is so inclusive (anyone and everyone can be included in the meal), so pervasive (we all have to eat), so comprehensive (taking in the entire range of our existence, physical and cultural) and unrelentingly social (we necessarily rely on uncounted named and unnamed others), the meal provides an endless supply of metaphors for virtually everything we do as human beings. These metaphors nearly always suggest something deeply personal and communal: giving and receiving (“blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled”), knowing and being known (“taste and see that the Lord is good”), accepting and being accepted, bounty and generosity (“land flowing with milk and honey”). The meal is capable of endless variations in necessity, pleasure, and communion.

– Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places


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