Understatement of the year

Over mamak at SS2 a couple of days ago (JYGS and long lost friend TK were together) :

Y: So have you been following our blogs?

TK: Yeah man. Oh G, all your posts on Obama. The video where he made his speech. All about HOPE. Wahlau..

G: Oh yeah, you guys know right that he sparked controversy by including Rick Warren in his inauguration? That’s because Warren is against gay marriages.

J: Yeah yeah. Because he is also pro-life.

G: What the people don’t understand here is that Barack elected him not necessarily because he agrees with Rick Warren’s views but he wants to give the idea that people with differing thoughts and opinions can come together to have a conversation.

(short pause)

TK: Actually… being the President is very hard la.

Everyone: Of course la!!

It’s good to have you back wombat.


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