“It’s not as if the use of power, brute force and fear can solve problems in the society.”

– Zaid Ibrahim, former Law Minister

Last Sunday, I decided to check out and be part of the social revolution.

In contrast to the draconian acts of Malaysia’s Guantanamo Bay, I always believed a sustained united voice through peaceful acts can bring change.

The man who has campaigned tirelessly for the cause.

I actually have the list of every detainee and how long they have been inside. Tonight I’m saying a short prayer for them.

We’re not troublemakers. We actually do love this country. And what it stands for.

(The Nasi Lemak at 223, Medan Selera. I must admit that I’m an addict)

Too often we complicate life, when the truth of humanity is actually found in a simple sharing of a meal. Just go to a food joint. Have a look around at each table. Take your time to really see what’s happening. You should know what I mean.

That picture which you see at the tables, that kind of freedom, is what we should be fighting for.



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2 responses to “De-Virgilized

  1. I’m coming back to fight.

    … also to fight for that plate of fiiinnneee nasi lemak!!

  2. aiyah… ask me along mah… i dont want to go alone anymore…

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