Another one bites the dust

G: It’s interesting how he would get me to be his best man even though I believe we’re not exactly close over the last few years.”

Reb: Well, it just goes to show that he values whatever both of you shared in the past and that it means something to him. Stop being bochap with your friends.

Cutest handbag I’ve seen. (held by the wedding planner) LV, Prada and Gucci – you sux.

Reb looking all fine and dandy. She’s getting her turn in June.

They are the nicest couple. They even insisted I put up for a night in their suite, (they mentioned that they are too tired to shag). I duly obliged because I was really tired and a bit tipsy.

But in all honesty,  I can never be too tired to shag in the RITZ-CARLTON SUITE. Any day man. Any day.

On the washroom counter.

In the tub overlooking the coast of Singapore. This has a shag factor of 10 stars.

And of course, finish it on the majestic bed.

Oh.. back to the point.

Felix is a fellow playstation buddy. We struggled through uni days together especially during exam periods where we will play songs like “God will make a way” in the background or classical music because according to him, it helps to stimulate alpha waves in our brains. Right. I do enjoy his version of home-made bah chor mee for sustenance during those tough moments. And I will cherish him as the only tall basketball player I can bully. Most of all, he’s a good friend. And I’m glad he married a cool chick in Yining.

Journey well both of you.


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  1. BecSS

    Wow. U actually remembered (word for word) wat I said. Once again, din know my words had such impact. & hey, dat photo makes me look fat – am i fat? Oh gosh, the bridezilla syndrome is hitting me.

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