To usher in the New

This was the highlight for me as I stayed up till 2am to watch the Inauguration.

When you put Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma on the same stage, you get transported somewhere. Where the breeze is fresh, the air is cool and the view of the mountain ranges fills you with a sense of majesty and gratefulness. That’s the picture I imagined listening to this.

Interesting to note that we have here an Israeli, a Chinese, an African-American and a Venezuelan creating beauty on stage together. Kinda typified the kind of nation that Obama wants to see during his reign and beyond.

Believe it or not, I actually played this piece before. Back during my concert band days. John Williams is a great composer no doubt but he didn’t create this from scratch. He actually arranged and form the piece using a tune he borrowed from an old shaker dance hymn (known as Simple Things) made famous by a well-knowned classical composer, Aaron Copland who also borrowed it for his piece, Appalachian Springs. No wonder the tune was so familiar. It has indeed that fresh sound of Spring, a sense of newness being ushered in. Fitting for the occasion.

Close your eyes and enjoy.


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