Your driving betrays who you are

I swear that our roads seem to become more dangerous when out-of-town folks come invading our cities. Either they drive too slowly or too recklessly.

I have a theory that you tend to drive differently when you’re in a different place. Human beings can go into two extremes. On one end, people can be TOO careful and move like a tortoise, hence creating impatience in other drivers. And the other end, there are ah bengs who thinks they must get ahead of everyone, not giving you space to move into their lanes and beating every frickin’ yello.. sorry RED light that appears. I notice this phenomenon especially when I’m back in Johor Bahru, where every Singapore driver who comes in decides they can impose their kiasuness on the roads, even more so than in their own country. And the Johoreans have learnt not to back down.

Yes,  and I see this happening right here caused by cars with those plates starting with J or A.

So behave all of you. Please act civilized. There are enough roads to go around when everyone is back in their hometowns. We live in a fragile environment so try to snuff out that fuse. I know I’m learning to.

Oh.. Happy Chinese New Year to all.

Show me the money!



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3 responses to “Your driving betrays who you are

  1. jazz2dmax


  2. gregorychang


    (you sound excited)

  3. Thennnnn…. u want me to cry issittttt ???

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