In a few hours time, my mates and I will be embarking on our long awaited dive trip of the year.

(wait, it’s only january… oh, whatever)

Pulau Sipadan.

One of the world’s best.

Be. Very. Jealous.

Will be back sunday. Till then, screw Facebook and urban life. I’m ready to embrace the open waters and the fresh sea breeze. Not to mention, relishing a chance encounter with sharks and turtles. Woohoo!

Do I sound excited? Hell yeah. I’ve concluded that my best holidays are spent on an island.

Cos that’s where life slows down for me, as I soak in the moments shared with friends. Where I can dedicate my ears to Someone through the glory of Creation.

Finally I can brush off the dust on my dive suit. It’s been far too long, damnit.


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