Adventure. It means daring to fail. Or succeed.

“What would you do, if you could do anything, and know for certain in advance that there was no way you could fail? – Dr Henry Cloud

The pic describes my personality well. I’m a sensory-driven drama king. So sue me. Oh yeah, I’d like to sing for a musical.

[via jonny_chew]

The moment is close. To jump and enter into the oblivion at terminal velocity. I am reminded by someone that a simple way to describe living well is “have to have someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.” I like that. You know there are gaps somewhere in one of those three areas for the times in your life when you’re not living it as best as you possibly could.

It’s like training for a marathon that is months away. You don’t know if you should start training so early for fear of peaking too soon. Well, the best approach to that is to have your body ready in such a way that you have no problems agreeing to do a spontaneous race, say next week. There is no off-season. You follow the rhythm of work and rest in a sustained manner all the days of your life. (Genesis 1) Your training is so strong and your readiness is so up to par that anytime a sudden opportunity comes, you can dive head-on into the moment. That kairos called the adventure.

Today is a new day.

Today, I’m gonna bust my ass for that moment. Whether in reading, thinking, reflecting, serving, praying, resting, eating or doing.

To be stronger. To be more of myself and show authenticity through my actions. To enjoy the workings of the Creator not just in my life but around me as well.

To be new.

Adventure describes exactly what it is that I need to cultivate, dream about, or work towards.  It is the thing that I want to have inscribed on my calendar, a page I can flip to on an ordinary day and dream about.  Not defined so much as a race, but an experience ahead that reminds me that I have it in me.  That the possibility exists within me that I can and will bust out of my comfort zone and push myself to see, do and be something new.    It is impossible to be stale if your heart and mind are open.

– Kristin Armstrong

Only by grace and the power of His resurrection. Amen.


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