Conversations during a Pancake Party


“Temptation is always so near to us. While Heaven seems so far. Of course it is a losing battle. If you were to plan a holiday to the Constantinople, you would do everything a week before the trip in preparation so that you can fully enjoy the place once you’re there. Here in lies the problem. We don’t find out much about Heaven these days. It seems very far to us, while temptation is so close that we could see, touch or smell it. Of course, we can’t resist it.”

“The joy as portrayed by our mainline churches these days are expressed in singing, dancing and shouting during worship services to bring out a certain simplistic picture of what joy actually means. It is a kind of worldly psychology at work in making us feel good. I’m exploring a different kind of joy. The one which you experience even when you lose everything in our life.”

– Reverend Thomas Low


“Most people are influenced into thinking about Heaven in a very Greek way of thought. The kind where everything is perfect in a way that nothing goes wrong and it is all Utopian. I think what Jesus is saying to us is to be perfect in love. That perfection is achieved through relationships.”

– Reverend Sivin Kit


We had our final church history class today exploring Protestantism and celebrating with loads of pancakes. It was great preparing and flipping those discus in the air together. (I made some savory ones for the first time with bacon and corn – absolutely pukka!)


Lent also starts tomorrow. Typically in the churches I used to attend, we kinda do the 40 day praying and fasting thing by way of intercession for a cause. I asked Sivin how Lent is usually practiced. He pointed out that people missed out on the discipline of self reflection and meditation. I guess it makes sense to pay more attention to that, being on the road to Easter.

Taking a cue from Reverend Thomas, I will do a reflection on my life in light of Heaven. In view of a future and a hope that is coming at light speed towards the present, invading and changing my reality if I allowed it to do so. Heaven seems too far for me at the moment. That’s why it’s insanely difficult not to succumb to my temptations. If I could even feel half as excited about Heaven as my next diving trip, that would be progress. It is not that my vision of Heaven is too lofty that I cannot reach for it. It is because my vision is too low that I couldn’t care much for it. Send me to Hell if it’s ALL about the singing and jumping like in some of our worship services. But if it’s like what I have experienced in Sipadan island, now that’s another story…

“God, allow me to sin boldly. And become a holy fool for you. As I find out more about the Land that is coming, let that hope invade and change my reality. So let it be.”


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  1. Lord Have mercy, that bacon corn pancake was awesome!


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