I smell desperation

Mum’s 1st sms:

Heh, what day today! (my sister’s birthday) Both of you getting old lah. Please lah quickly settle down. Then only you will experience how to tackle daily life routine.

Mum’s 2nd sms:

when you all are attached and will be on your own, you will be more mature and independent.

Mum’s 3rd sms:

Get first only talk money with me. Wow lau not much to spend to pak toh.

Mum’s 4th sms:

Got a friend aged 33 years married at 31 already got 2 kids.

She has been entertaining the idea of introducing some kampung girl to me. (refer to places like Batu Pahat) Simple, nice and being able to take care of me seemed to be the main criteria.

According to my mother, I have not experienced the tackling of life’s daily routines. Nor am I mature or independent. Yes, despite living away from home for 16 years. It only becomes a reality when I have a woman beside me with a couple of toddlers running around the house.

It’s hard to grow up these days, don’t you think? 😉



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4 responses to “I smell desperation

  1. da

    LOL. again?!

    That’s hilarious!!!

  2. C

    kampong girl??? HAHAHAHA

  3. K

    Oi! What’s wrong with batu pahat girls? I can testify through personal experience that there is plenty of good stock! Of course, the best ones have already been stolen by the Indonesian competitors. One thing for sure, kampung girls are low maintenance. Just ask my hubby.

  4. gregorychang

    OMG. Lim Sze Kiat, the world’s most famous Batu Pahat girl just commented on my blog! (let me find a tissue for the spilled coffee)

    Please help this poor soul find the low-maintenance kampung girl he so desires. Before the Javanese workers come and take em away.

    (how are you and hubby + 1 anyway?)

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