I did it

But he would not accept. He told me to sleep over it. Think it over. I don’t blame him. He is being rational about the whole situation, like many who felt exactly the same way when I told them.

I will press my case again tomorrow. I will be saying the same things to him.

He won’t understand it. Very few actually do.

For those who do, thank you.

“Greg, you’re special. I believe you have a lot to give to people. Don’t allow your life to be about living other people’s dreams or expectations.”

– Tan Soo Inn, mentor and friend



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5 responses to “I did it

  1. deadpo8t

    go get them, tiger. Godspeed!

  2. da

    you aren’t walking alone (!)
    toast box soon? : )

  3. gregorychang

    that sounds like a song, da. 😉

    I miss otah bun with coffee. But I miss Leo’s Expresso too. And our conversations.

    Raffles Place. Set.

    p.s. – do you remember the time when we sat beside Starhub, trying to get attention?

  4. dawningthoughts


    YOU set beside starhub. please get it right.

  5. zewt

    heard about it… well done!

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