Live the Life

I have tackled almost every genre of music through attending concerts this month. From funky and pop-centric Jason Mraz to the irresistable R&B Brian McKnight who lifted me to love heaven and reminded me that I still have something in my heart that I can offer to those around me. Short of attending a classical performance (which I almost did but the tickets ran out) and a jazz gig (which is still possible), my musical journey seems complete.

And then, there was Coldplay.

Chris Martin was humbled enough to acknowledge during the concert that they’re fortunate enough to have fans and followers who would invest their time and money to go see them. And that the least he and the band could do for those who came is to give everything that they had for that night.

They gave everything they had all right.

Singfest ’08, for me is placed right up there in the top tier of gigs that I’ve been to. Coldplay ’09 deserves to be there as well.

Here is my favourite moment during my 2-hour journey of allowing the kaleidoscope of flashing lights, inspiring artwork, heartfelt lyrics, scintillating riffs and uplifting anthems to connect with my soul and heart. They bring out the sorrow, the angst as well as triumphant joy in me. “Intense perfection” as someone would described it, if there were… any words for it.

Like Chris Martin & Co., may it be that the very least that is expected of me is that I gave my all in this lifetime.


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  1. C

    I missed it!!! 😦

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