I went to a conference called Hillsong in 2003. They are the quintessential megachurch in the city of Sydney and garner thousands of participants every year. I won’t comment about the depth and the substance of what was taught or presented during the rallies and workshops held there but I will say this – they do know how to have a concert.

There was this moment that was the highlight for me during the one of the night rallies. They were showcasing all the different bands from all over the world on stage, each having their turn to present a song or two. I can’t really remember who did the opener. Along came the second act. A singer from a church in LA, came on with a mesmerizing voice and led his backup vocalists, his band and the Hillsong choir to sing this uplifting tune called “Fields of Mercy”. I was absolutely floored and became a mess. That song as it turns out, brought me through some of my hardest times in the years that followed.

His name is JD Webb. It had been 6 years since I saw that performance. And today from out of nowhere, he followed me on Twitter. I was stoked.

Check out his new single – Big For Me. The man writes great songs and sings with some soul.

Quite inspiring, considering that he once only writes for soap operas and church music.



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2 responses to “Soulful

  1. dawningthoughts

    omg he sang fields of mercy? i love that song !!!

  2. gregorychang

    me too!!

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