Before you start a business…

3 questions you need to ask:

1. Have I done it long enough as a hobby?

2. Do I have a passion for the product so that I could persevere with it when all else fails?

3. Do I genuinely believe that my product could change people’s lives?

I think these are the hardest to address. When you’re through with em, it’s pretty straight forward.



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6 responses to “Before you start a business…

  1. why do i get the feeling that this is directed to someone….

  2. gregorychang

    It’s not la. I’ve been doing some thinking on my own about this too.

  3. gregorychang

    Although honestly, it should apply to him as well! Haha.

  4. C

    HAHAHAHA!!! Dude, got to do your research and find the right person or partner. Do not be afraid.

  5. C

    Be confident and take risks…

  6. dawningthoughts

    vtimely! thanks for this, ilovedit 🙂

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