The struggle for what matters (or “What to do next?”)

Tony Morgan is perhaps the savviest pastor I know other than my own. He is Chief Strategic Officer (what a title) at NewSpring Church where he spearheads and develops creative solutions for communications and technology.

He had a conversation recently with Penelope Trunk, our well-known career guru about his new book entitled, “Killing Cockroaches“. The book, from what I’ve scanned from the content page has a cocktail blend of many stories and ideas for the reader to digest in small doses. The gist of it (or the premise behind the title) is to show how we can respond to the more immediate urgent tasks in our lives so that we can be free to tend to the most important stuff in our lives. Hence, we are “killing cockroaches” so to speak.

I used to do a whole lot of arranging my tasks into to-do lists and prioritizing them. It makes a whole lot of sense right? Tackling the simple easy-to-do stuff first before attempting to negotiate the big ones. But as Tony and Penelope has discussed: Killing cockroaches (the small stuff) on your own everyday is tiring. It drains you out because it’s not very meaningful. It almost feels like you’ve done nothing the whole day although in reality, you did expend a lot of energy mulling over those menial tasks.

That’s why I quit my job. While it seems great to join a bunch of people with a singular focus of killing cockroaches, (yeah right) there aren’t a lot of big picture stuff to keep my eye on so that it makes me feel good about my work.

Trunk says “It’s nearly impossible to really know what we are supposed to be doing with our days to make life matter.” But at least she knows she’s being surrounded by those that ask that question everyday. That is important. That’s what keeps guys like me going.

Like her, I too want to be circled by people who would inspire me to have that honest struggle to make my life more meaningful.

So next time please don’t tell me that I should make choices based strongly on the need to survive. It has never been on the main agenda.

The struggle continues.



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6 responses to “The struggle for what matters (or “What to do next?”)

  1. Had bad blogging block but your insightful ‘cockroach’ post got the juices working again!

    Referenced you in a post:

  2. C

    Totally agreed with you. I guess everyone have their own goals to achieve and what they want in life. I cant stand doing all the petty things. This is life. We got to fight for what we are worth doing 🙂

  3. C

    Dont look back and do look fwd. Dont listen to those negative ppl who always being panaroid, it will bring you down as well unless they have a valid reason.

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  5. jazz2dmax

    So what ya gonna do for now?

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