The pursuit of satisfaction

I could very well be a freelancer very soon. I don’t know yet. I haven’t heard anything or received any signs from the Boss. In any case, this could be a good personal business model.

[via freelance switch]

Note that this happens in a perfect world. But we try to get as close as possible. And everyone’s model might be slightly different. According to one’s motivations of course. Like I mentioned before, killing cockroaches or doing-boring-seeming-meaningless-admin work should occupy only a small part of your lives, hence the 10%. I strongly resonate with the major contribution to learning, we should continually re-invest in ourselves to stay sharp and relevant in an era of rapid change.

Of course as much as the creator of this model thinks it’s a far-reaching ideal, mine is even loftier.

I would merge both slices of Love and Money into one.

Such an idealist.


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One response to “The pursuit of satisfaction

  1. Well, experience then experience. Whatever it brings, whatever you get out of it, is right.

    Beauty of life, after all.

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