Fitness as a sport

About 7 years ago, Greg Glassman told somebody he had a vision to totally revolutionize the world of fitness.  And today, Crossfit has become the premier community to forging elite fitness. They have had their critics but one has to admit that until today, there has never been a program such as this that actually got regular folks excited about churning out pull-ups and squats to a point it makes them nauseous and wasted. Intensity is the name of the game. You either show up for your workout with a mentality to put everything on the table, or you’re better off staying at home.

This year will be the third time this community holds the Games event, where Crossfitters from all over the world will pit against each other doing prescribed workouts in the shortest time possible or with the biggest weights. Chris Spealler (above) is one of my favourite athletes. Looking at his physique, (the man is 5’5” and weighs 139lbs) he may seem like an underdog going into the Games. Some say he would be better off being a horse jockey. But ‘Speal’ (as he’s been nicknamed) is the biggest bad-ass monster I’ve ever seen in my life. He will crush each workout with such ferocious intent that he will go on to be the one of the top five athletes every year since the Games started a couple of years ago.

Chris also has that humility within him whenever he faces a new challenge with other competitors. He is the same age as me, has a beautiful wife who works out with him as well (bakes him cookies for meals) and owns Crossfit Parkcity, a gymbox in Utah. His training is rigorous and methodical, he eats relatively clean and has a healthy competitive edge that sets him apart. Yeah, I wanna be just like Chris.

You can witness him in action at the Games website, by downloading videos of the event. I can’t wait to see all those badasses going head to head in the Finals, of which Speal is one of the favourites.

I do yearn for a community such as this. Where the camaraderie is strong and the passion infectious. Crossfit will go far because they understand, like Seth Godin describes, how tribes work.

Go Chris. I’m rooting for you.


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