Tools for Scary Ventures

The experience in commuting in life depends on your posture and your vision. It matters how you are positioned to face the undulating forces and events that rushes straight into your path, sometimes smashing you in the face. Threatening to slow your progress to the promised land. Or halting it completely by putting you out of commission. One must also possess a shining torch to see what’s just ahead. Not extrapolating on what you can rationally predict will happen based on the past- it never really works that way. But more with the eyes of a prophet. A clarity of vision, where revelation and faith are driving the ship forward.

Gonna do my first triathlon at Port Dickson. Decided to suit up my bike a bit with a couple of tools. A pair of aerobars and a headlight. The first installed for posture, the latter for vision. One to positioned the body in a way that minimizes wind resistance (or the “drag”) while the other is attached simply to allow me to see what’s just ahead during the night.

Running is natural to me. Biking is not that far behind, like a close brother. Although you still run the risk of crashing heavily. That’s what the helmet is for. Swimming, on the other hand conjures doubt and fear. The waters are always unknown. Like in the film Gattaca, the two brothers don’t compete on the tar roads. They race across the open sea. It invites uncertainty and it challenges your mind and your belief. The guy who wins in the end, doesn’t save anything for the swim back. To me, a life worth living is exactly that. You do things that are irrational. You do things that scares the shit out of you.


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