A Worthy Pursuit?

A friend that I’ve just met was raving about this video clip, saying it’s a must watch. He also mentioned that it made him kinda quit playing the bass.

Granted that he might be joking but it kinda made me wonder – How interesting it is that at the point of encountering greatness, we’re faced with two paths here. One to lose hope completely thinking that we would never be able to reach such dizzy heights of excellence and the other is to be utterly inspired enough to press on, working day after day to hone our craft.

If it’s true that talent is overrated and those who put in sheer effort could thump those are naturally gifted, then could it be that we’re simply battling in our minds to determine whether the end result is WORTH all those hours that we had painstakingly put in? Or the more pertinent question is (considering most people don’t even achieve their perceived end result) “Is it even worth it taking into account that there’s a high chance we might fail?”

A friend made a good point in that we should be seeking a different kind of joy where we play for ourselves. To enjoy creating the art, so to speak. But I wonder, deep down, don’t we all have this desire to show to the world what we could do? Or perhaps it’s just a group of us who are just so depraved and insecure that we have to constantly seek the validation of others? I find that there are no easy answers, especially when we’re dealing with the mystery of motivation. It’s a whole mixed cocktail of good and bad stuff that sometimes you don’t even know what’s inside.

Perhaps it’s in honing your craft that you find the gateway to another world. Where you discover a glimpse of beauty too great to be put into words, so mysterious, so incredibly … good that you’re compelled to invite others to come and see for themselves. Perhaps that.. is worth all the effort.


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