The Choice

A thought came to me. One of the many hypothetical questions that I happened to come up with in my infinite spare time which is criminal really.

If you had to choose between being with the love of your life or an opportunity to live your calling, your destiny, which one would it be?

Some responses:

Dreams come in so many different forms. Love is just one.

Being with love of my life. i know it sounds small but i think it is worth it. hopefully he fulfills his calling and destiny.

Im still trying to figure it out…

I’ll choose the love of my life. Living out your destiny may not give you the love of your life. You might end being alone. What so great about that?

Maybe both are the same.

Let me know if u figure that one out…
eh…drop by sg for a drink leh..

Stop with the hypothetical nonsense. For now you’re not stuck between the two. So worry about it when it comes.

The love of my life; that’s one destiny I wouldn’t want to miss out on. Silly I may be, but I think it’s worth the sacrifice.

And my favourite one is…

No need to choose. get the love of ur life to join u to live ur calling!


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One response to “The Choice

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if our life’s calling was to be with the love of our life? Two birds, one stone.

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