Keeping perspective

Andy, I know you’re sick in the gut right now seeing that man snatch that trophy away from you. It could have gone either way but the tennis gods seemed to favor curly-haired softies for now. It’s no surprise that you’re extremely upset to lose this having reinvented yourself through all those organic food, sleeping schedules and fitness regimes. You looked like you could have go on to play for the rest of the day, tomorrow and maybe the day after. By the way, I could think of more uses for that silver plate they gave you than that ugly looking urn he’s holding right up there.

But you shouldn’t get too down. After all, YOU HAVE HER.

Seriously, if I’m working hard at what I love to do and going home to a woman LIKE THAT who loves me, I’ll be fully and utterly contented. That’s life for me right there. It’s as simple as that.



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2 responses to “Keeping perspective

  1. and you should post a photo of federer’s gf and said…. andy, you have her (above) instead of her (federer’s gf).

  2. gregorychang

    I’ve thought of that but didn’t want to demean Mirka, the mother-to-be, too much. She has been a faithful companion.

    Both of those guys are just lucky bastards. Nuff said.

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