Too close to home


Jeffrey Lee (1974-2009)

There was an assurance that you gave when we met you. A “Don’t worry, I’ll be here to take care of you” kinda assurance. And of course you did, drifting smoothly behind us, a ragtag group of dive experts wannabes. There was an unhurried flow in how you approached your work. But you would call it play, wouldn’t you? Watching over us, making sure we’re being taken care of and being safe while you admire God’s creation at the same time.

Then came that night. Oh man, I could never forget. One of those moments where we just let ourselves go, after a few rounds of alcohol of course. Singing the night away without a care about what we need to face again when we return to the mainland. Not worrying about the things that burden us. We came together, picking up glitters of joy from the jokes that made us cry, the songs that warms our heart and the stories of the ocean’s beauty.

Oh yeah, thank you for saving us when we decided to swim 2km out into the open sea in an attempt to reach that oil rig, where no diver has swam to before. It’s really too bad we couldn’t show you that we could actually do it right now.

Definitely one of our best trips ever.

See you later, pal. We’ll have a beer soon.

Alright, this page is turning into an obituary. It’s getting a lil too much for me. But I get the message, Father. I really do. It’s time to grow up.



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2 responses to “Too close to home

  1. su-yee

    sorry and god bless.
    whats the cause of death?

  2. gregorychang

    motorbike accident.

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