I smell desperation – Part 5

Mum: I book you for Hokkaido next year. Auntie wants to go as well.

Me: Ok.

Mum: So got anyone to paktoh (date) with or not?

Me: There are possibilities. But not yet.

Mum: Aiyoh, you’re so kelian. (pitiful) I keep telling you to stop hanging out with bachelor friends’ to avoid being a bachelor.

Me: ….

Mum: Aiyah, never mind lar! Why don’t you go for girls from other races?

Me: Wah. You sure you can tahan or not? Indian?

Mum: No problem.

Me: Malay?

Mum: A bit hard lar…

Gotta love her.



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4 responses to “I smell desperation – Part 5

  1. let her see s’s blog — pic of you guys waving at ppl randomly… you can tell her you are trying to catch some female attention…. together with some bachelors.

  2. Erna

    Hahaha. So cutelah your mom.

  3. hey greg, ask your mum how bout other races which is not malaysian?

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