How are we supposed to do this mission thing?
It starts with the small things.

1. Take care of your heart.                 Loyalty to Royalty
Firstly, start with you and your personal disciplines. We live in a world where the Kingdom is constantly subverting the Empire. Your disciplines are the first parts of your life that you defend against the Empire and you consecrate for the Kingdom. It is time and headspace that you set aside in resolute loyalty to the King and rebellious defiance of the empire that pressurises every other part of our day. Establish time to listen, time to read, time to pray, time to eat, time to serve. This becomes space that is made holy for the Kingdom and its values alone.

2. Share the Journey.                 Spaces of Grace
Secondly, choose 2-4 other people with whom you can pray, learn, eat, serve and speak honestly into their lives. Set aside space together with them for Kingdom values to be expressed, personal issues to be shared, new questions to be aired and spiritual leadership to be affirmed. Invite others to join your sharing and to be part of your journey as a group. Setup households that extend this experience to encompass as many days per week as possible.

3. Enjoy Community.                         Unity in Diversity
Thirdly, gather with other groups of people to celebrate baptism, communion, the Lord’s Prayer and the Land. Learn from their diversity and their experiences. Work together to support one another’s needs. Scheme together ways to change the world with the love of Christ.

4. Do the best you can.                 Plan for Resurrection
Fourthly, take your place within the city as a representative of Christ’s Kingdom, pointing towards a different way of living. Allow the Holy Spirit to position you anywhere within the empire in whichever sphere of society He wills. Be a vessel of peace and grace to whomever he brings. Develop exceptional skills and knowledge with which you can serve people, steward resources, defend the weak, raise up the next generation.

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