A figment of the imagination?

G: Hey bro… just wondering, did you call me yesterday? Something about doing a voice-over thingy?

V: No la… Absolutely no recollection of it. I was very busy yesterday. Wouldn’t have the time to call ya.

G: Seriously?? My gosh, it seemed so real. Was it just a dream or purely imagination? Cos I remember vividly that a conversation took place between us.

V: (chuckles)

G: Dude, don’t joke lar. C’mon, I’m freakin’ out. (damn, first teeth-grinding. now this?)

V: Bro, I really didn’t call you!

G: Did I really imagine it then? Am I going crazy?

V: ….

G: One sec. Let’s hang up and I’ll check my phone history.

V: Okay.

(moments later)

V: Hello.

G: DUDE! YOU DID CALL ME! It says 1:05pm and for 35 seconds.

V: Really? Are you sure it’s not a missed call?

G: Dude, I’ve got proof man. You called me about a voice-over job.

V: OHHHH! VOICE-OVER. I thought you meant voice-over internetl protocol.

G: …… (what a geek)

V: Yes… yes.. I did call you for a job. Hehehe.

G: So I’m not crazy. Thank God.


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