Tongue Talk

I believe in speaking in tongues. But not the glossolalia-type jibberish sounding utterances that come out from the mouth of someone in a seemingly trance-like state. I don’t believe it is spiritual in that sense.

Tongue talk is a jamming mechanism against the messages that come from a world in slavery.

Messages that go like,

“Why aren’t you like so-and-so’s son?”

“You are not really a grown-up until you do this and this.”

“Why can’t you just get a normal job like everybody else?”

“How could you waste the opportunities you have been given?”

“Why are you taking so long to decide what you want to do? There must be something wrong with you then.”

There comes a point when you’re faced with this kind of oppression, this kind of talk that comes from the slavery of pragmatism where you have to say:


A language mechanism to interfere with the signals that originate from the oppressive systems of this world.

There is a different Spirit that is praying for me and with me that tells me who I am. Where I belong and to whom I belong to. My true identity.

A Spirit that calls me to my purpose that may be different from what my very concerned parents are worried about. Don’t worry, I will still honor them. (Commandment 5)

“Yes, Dad. I know where you’re coming from. It is important that I take care of my future. I will remember your advice. I know you’re speaking out of love and frustration. Yes Mum, I know all too well that you’ve always been concerned about my well-being. I’ll take note of that. I respect that, Mum.”

A purpose that vastly differs to what my employer are worried about because as far as he/she is concerned, it’s about the bottom-line, goals, targets and keeping people at the top happy. And of course, a purpose that is different from people that I meet everyday, who are wondering themselves on how to work out their lives in this enslaved world.

While I do honor the different opinions, these voices are not helpful when I’m trying to find direction for what I’m supposed to do today. These questions of pragmatism that comes from a way of living enslaved by the system go against the leading of the Spirit who is trying to remind me of my identity and my destiny. That’s where I have to get violent, not with the people mind you but with the powers of these messages.

This is war.

Voices from these oppression powers, You are not to tamper with my identity. A human being made in His image. You do not mess with my name and my destiny. No meaninglessness imposed on my name. I’m fully human and I belong to Him. And I was created to usher in a future-ancient Kingdom here on earth.

I refuse to be defined by my work. I refuse to be defined by my denomination, my church. I refuse to be defined by my citizenship. I need to be saved from all that. I need to follow the Spirit’s agenda.


“Oh you must do this otherwise you won’t have that.”

No. You don’t have control over me.


I’ve been saved from the slavery in Egypt. Brought into a land flowing with milk and honey. Because I am a son of the King who has alloted a piece of the land which I am to tend and reign so that it will flourish in the way He intended it to be. Let the force of my groanings that comes from inner depths of my heart break through all the voices that is spinning around my head, and reach the Your ears.

So come, Holy Spirit.


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