The Irony of Christian Celebrity

Glenn Packiam could not have been more prophetic. A timely word.

In moments of difficulty, when we see how quickly we can lose what we’ve gained, we are given the gift of perspective. We realize that, as Jesus said to Martha, only one thing is needful, and it cannot be taken away. The one role we play that we are truly irreplaceable in, is our role as a son or daughter of God. Being loved by God and loving Him freely in return is the only thing that can never be taken away. Everything else – the churches we build, the ministries we lead, the causes we propel – will all one day be gone.

What would change about your pace of work if you believed that? How would the influence you chase or the opportunities you seek be different if you really that none of it is eternal, nor can it bestow immortality to you?

Jesus seemed rather uninterested in a large following or in growing His fame. For Jesus, immortality – living forever, the eternal kind of life – was not in the gods of fame or success, but knowing “the only true God”.


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One response to “The Irony of Christian Celebrity

  1. those “what ifs” he quoted are profound.

    Christians celebrity, plenty around. some are blossoming in our church i think.

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