Handle with care

If you let the lion out of the cage, he’ll defend himself.

-Gordon Fee

God cannot be discovered; that is, he must reveal himself if we were to know him at all.  Our knowledge must come from above. And the amazing thing is that He does reveal himself – by deeds, in a Person and by the Book. The genius and the power of Scripture, the God-inspired text, is that because it comes from the breath of God himself, therefore it’s self-authenticating. We try so hard to use science, history and philosophy to defend this sacred book when its ultimately inspired by the Spirit of God. We fear that people who read it don’t give enough weight to its authority and that’s just watered down truth. But the authority of Scripture is intrinstic. God has spoken and He’ll continue to speak through the Book. This text is God’s own revelation of himself. Therefore let us approach the reading of the Book on our knees, humbly open its pages and allow the words to roar with such force, that it changes our lives forever.


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