Heaven Bent

We live beneath “the eclipse of heaven,” affected with a wide-scale amnesia about things above. We’re homesick for a place we miss but have never seen. We suffer a restlessness, a weariness, a hunger and can’t find anything to assauge it.

– Mark Buchanan

For this particular week, I feel homesick. It’s almost as if something came to suck up whatever zest, life and zeal that was left in me to fuel my final lap into the new year. Call it year end blues. Melancholy. A sense that I didn’t quite make it. But that would be the greatest lie. Because for the most part of this year, at least consciously, I am aware of His presence. Those moments of abandonment, surrender and submission. To say that, “I shall live under Your Cause”. Putting aside (at last) my addiction towards overthinking through everything that comes my way and allow myself to be paralysed by an unseen future. That future does not exist because I’ve allowed it to be crushed under the force of His purpose and dreams for this world.

Fear is life’s only opponent. Fight it hard. And let it to fall under the victim of trust.

That message could not have been more timely. A force that awakens me from the ammesia; it stirs up that which is eternal in my heart.


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