One word


That’s my resolution for 2011. The start of a new decade. The beginning of my 30s.

Someone once told me that maturity is shown by the awareness of the other. The recognition of the people and environment around him or her. Babies are therefore not considered as such because they have no concept of the things they’re holding, biting and squeezing.

This will be my obsession for this year. Start with learning to gaze upon the ultimate Other, my Creator. And let that exchange flood the world where I’m surrounded by those who are different and wonderfully unique in their ways.

Not easy.

But it’s worth a try.



Filed under Introspection

2 responses to “One word

  1. J

    I had a dream last night where I remember you mentioned this exact same word: maturity.
    Divine I tell ya.

  2. gregorychang

    Like a Pentecostal preacher once said, “Can I have a confirmation? Yes, we have one! I prophesied it, you confirmed it and yes, let it be so!”

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