Our stories matter

A really cool friend sent me this today.

You know, when I was younger, i couldn’t read until i was prolly around 8 or 9. I was a sloooowww learner. But once I started reading, i simply could not put down books. And i truly truly enjoy the Old Testament. Why?

Coz it’s filled with stories! It was a fascinating discovery. It encapsulated my imagination!

Stories of ppl. Stories of adventure. Stories of what was, what is, and what is to come!

And because I was a child, i believe everything that i read. From the creation to the exodus to the different kingdoms and such forth. The book is ultimately about God. And it points to Jesus. The whole book.

But break it down, and I find stories of different people.

I have a finite mind. My mind cannot grasp big concepts. So I gotta break it down so it’s easier for me to understand.

Just like our body you know. How our body function as a whole but we break it down to different systems and parts and further down to cells. I don’t think the cell can understand its purpose in the body. But put all the cells together, it creates something else. Something useful. Something important. One cannot survive without the other.

Very much like our world, i think.

I don’t think we all know what’s our purpose in life. But we go through the motion of living, of doing things, of procreating, of dying. And sometimes, some ppl find the purpose of their lives, some don’t. But it doesn’t mean anyone is any more or any less than anyone else. Because we all have a part to play.

The community, the system is made out of a gazillion of individuals. There will not be a community if there is not individuals and no individuals can survive outside the realm of the system. It’s all interconnected, no?

I used to wonder, if i were alive at the very beginning, would I make it in the bible? Would my story be written in the Book? Could I be a Sarah or a Rebekah or a Esther? Or could i be a nameless soldier, one of the many many thousands to die in the war field so that God can prove His point?

Does it matter?

If i see it from a grander scale, it probably doesn’t matter. I am just a minuscule entity in this world that God has created. It’s not as if i can thwart His plans or anything. Whether there is a me or not, His will will be done. But yet, i believe each cells matter. So, everyone matters. Even if I were a nameless soldier, I am assured my name would still be in the book of life.

Therefore, I love to listen to stories. Stories who made people who they are, what they are.

Even if ppl think their stories are insignificant, i feel that God cares. And because God cares, I want to care too. I have lived a life of insignificance. I walked around aimlessly countless time, just trying to find myself. I have laid in bed for days, having no reason to get up. Yet so desperately wanting to do something more! But no! Such was not His will at that time. So I have come to accept, that even at the point of insignificance, it is still significant because that experience have helped mold me to be more of something. And i can’t say I know what that ‘something’ is yet. I am still searching and I am still waiting.

So i leave all the big thinking to other ppl. For now, i seek to understand small things. The simple things in life, that makes this world go round.

There, my friend, is why I am interested in other ppl’s stories.

We are a walking tale, walking book,

I just can’t wait to flip its pages!!!

Thank you for inspiring to live a Good Story.

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