The Giver

I’ve always struggled with the idea that you should get rid of certain people in your life. The ones that drain you and prevent you being who you are. It’s certainly contentious because we’re called to love one another. And yet on the other hand, I can say with absolutely certainty that it is God’s will that we as human beings, flourish on earth. How does one live in that hope around people who are takers?

I guess following that deliberations begets a more important question – Am I a taker myself? As we talk about streamlining our lives by getting rid of unhealthy relationships, do we dare confront ourselves honestly? Lest everyone assumes that they are life givers by default. The best way to know? Direct those questions to ourselves.

Do I always make people feel guilty?

Have I been in a long line of short relationships?

Do I hurt people and engaged in blame and shame games?

Do I make people feel less and that their work don’t matter?

I think I do fair share of taking in my life. Thankfully, there are ample opportunities today to change that. And be part of our Creator’s plan to see every human being flourish on earth.


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Filed under Introspection, Social Revolution

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