Live Like A Rockstar

I’ve found a fave new blog on spirituality and culture. It’s called the Default Life by this dude who studies in Regent College Vancouver. His name is Sam McLoughlin. Here he gives a talk on how he always wanted to live like a rockstar. I mean, who wouldn’t want to touch the hearts of ordinary folks by hitting four melodic notes running on obstinately at the background of an epic anthem. Sam calls it “opening up heaven for people like you and me”. It wasn’t just the lights and stage that enthralled him; it’s the idea that he could provide a door to the Divine.

I know exactly how he feels and how great that desire could be.

Well, not all of us turn out to be rockstars in the end. Mainly because we treat it as if it’s only a distraction, not a discipline.

But for people who haven’t been practising their piano since they were born, Sam provides a different way to bring down heaven on earth.



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2 responses to “Live Like A Rockstar

  1. Thanks for posting this, it was a nice reminder of the reasons I became an artist (A visual artist in my case). Using art to cultivate character, or virtue is something I really take seriously.

    Matthew Kiehl

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